Hey Zuckerburg, Wanna Really Change the World?

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Tumble, Tweet, Pin and Like.

On any given day, there are over seventy million posts on Tumblr, and that little blue birdie tweets about two hundred thousand times a minute! On Facebook, people upload two hundred and fifty million photos per day, and “like” something three BILLION times a day. No matter when you are reading these words, these statistics will be hopelessly out of date, because every day another million or so people begin tweeting and, it seems, more people join Facebook every day then there are stars in the heavens.

I have an idea for Mark Zuckerberg that I think will enable him to change the world, again.

Mark, how about if, for just one month, you put a limit on photo uploads and likes? Let’s go minimalist; one photo a week, and one like per week. Imagine what it would do to me if instead of sharing and liking just about everything, I could only share or like one thing. I would be forced to think, and think again; reflect, and reflect again, about what I was going to like, and why. It would force me to only share and like things that I didn’t just like, but loved.

Can you imagine the impact that would have on the world?

The ten-day period from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur is a time to carefully consider what it is that we truly love in life. It’s a time to focus most not on our eighty-seven, four hundred and three, or seven gazillion “friends,” but on the people we truly love. It’s a time to think about the ten most important people in our lives. To think about how we can be closer to them, how we can help them, and why we might need to apologize to them. It’s a time to think about what it is we most want to share with our friends, our spouses, our children. If you could only share ten life lessons, ten pieces of wisdom, with your children, what would they be? If you had a private blog for your children but could only post ten experiences you had in life, and no more, which experiences would you blog about? And, if you only had ten days to decide what it is you want to achieve with your blog, oops, I mean your life, how would you use those ten days?

So what do you say Mark, wanna change the world… again?


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